The PRNet’s mission

The PRNet’s mission is to develop and promote powermetrics as an applied science. Dealing with the measurement and evaluation of the power of political units, especially nations and with the use of models and simulations we can forecast the relations between them on a global, regional and local scale.

The PRNet’s objectives

The PRNet’s objectives is to develop and promote powermetrics, ie. science dealing with the quantitative and qualitative study of the power of political units and modeling, forecasting and simulations of the international system of forces.
The Association accomplishes its objectives through:

  • conducting scientific research in the field of powermetrics,
  • popularizing knowledge about the powermetrics,
  • organization of conferences, workshops, lectures,
  • popular-scientific activity, including publishing.

Join us!

Persons and organizations interested in the development of powermetrics are invited to cooperate.

Regulations of the Association

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