R. Białoskórski, Ł. Kiczma, M. Sułek
National Power Rankings of Countries 2019
Oficyna Wydawnicza ASPRA-JR, Warsaw 2019

National Power Rankings of Countries 2019 The power of countries, their estimations and their measurements have always been an issue of interest for military leaders, rulers and politicians, who needed fairly objective decision parameters. These expectations were initially addressed by philosophers, only to be subsequently replaced by specialized researchers.
The power of participants of international relations is studied within the subdiscipline of geopolitics – powermetrics – applied science concerned with measurements, estimates and assessment of power of participants in social life, especially that of particular states, as well as with modelling, simulations and forecasting of the relations between them, from a global, regional and local perspective.
This Report presents changes in the international balance of power after the Cold War and covers the years 1992-2017, i.e. in the period from the end of the Cold War to the year in which the most recent statistical data is available. It was prepared to better understand the present and future changes taking place in the international system. We believe that this should lead to building better strategies in the area of state security and development.
The subject of the study presented in this Report is the international balance of power, understood as the balance of power between individual states. This means that all non-state actors are omitted in the study. The international balance of power is presented in a synthetic way, as it is based on a formula which we believe is easy to understand and apply also by non-specialists. At the same time, we accept Raymond Aron’s proposition, according to which the distribution of power is the most important feature of any international system.

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R. Białoskórski, Ł. Kiczma, M. Sułek (2019), National Power Rankings of Countries 2019, Oficyna Wydawnicza ASPRA-JR, Warsaw.


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